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Release Date: July 30, 2021

Artist: Try - Tone
Duration: 4:38
Lyricist(s): Jazz Bhatta
Producer(s): The Project Studio
Record Label: Independent
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A few ride hits kicks off this one with a chord progression that is deceitful at first listen – and in a good way. A spoken poetry-ish lament starts off this dark toned melody – “Tyai bhaera the haat haat ma hatiyar, tauka tauka udauna tayaar”. This is an experimental track that switches the monologue into a 70s prog infused jazzy section where the single shines the most. The ominous organ and clean guitar solos shine through. The preachy voice continues that sounds like a plead to the people around to wake up. The band has tried its hand at something different. However, it does at times feel like a few singing melodies would have added greatly to the tune. The outro is a nice change of pace. We hope to hear more from this outfit.

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Sarun Manandhar

Sarun Manandhar

Sept. 9, 2021

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