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Sunko Jantara

Release Date: Oct. 19, 2019

Artist: LaMa
Duration: 4:06
Lyricist(s): LaMa
Producer(s): Manzil Bikram KC / Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory
Record Label: Independent
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Lama is back on Noodle with his second single “Sunko Jantara” and it is a playful folk tune – sweet and layered from the start with everything you expect melodically. It is heartwarming to see and hear this side of things in a non-movie OST setting as he crusades effortlessly amongst flutes, madals, guitars along with vocal harmonies that lifts off one’s mood. The festive feeling in the song increases as it progresses towards the end with a classic increase in the tempo and layerings. All in all a steady and solid release that may make you wanna break your hip a bit…as you dance….What did you think we were intending?

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