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Waiting For You ft. Foeseal

Release Date: July 25, 2021

Artist: ASM
Duration: 4:23
Lyricist(s): Abhishek S. Mishra
Producer(s): Foeseal
Record Label: Independent
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Delving into the electronic side of things sometimes brings out the best of both worlds and we can safely say the same for this remix. An already beautiful track has been turned into a grand nostalgia as Foeseal's take on "Waiting for You" by ASM makes it feel like a cross between Indus Creed, Silk Route, Starship and ASM. The grand percussions and the overall arrangement makes this sound almost larger than life. The steady beats and the build - the crests and troughs, the song now sounds fresh and timeless both at the same time. Kudos to this joint venture.

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Sadip Tuladhar

Sadip Tuladhar

Sept. 15, 2021

Artist Fact Board

- Although the name “ASM” came about as an acronym for the band’s vocalist and guitarist, Abhishek Shankar Mishra, it doesn’t have an actual full form. At the time, it means A Strange Monster, but the meaning is constantly changing and open to the audiences’ interpretation.

- Abhishek recalls meeting Buddy Guy in 2017 as his first experience being truly starstruck.

- The band’s bassist, Simon Upreti, is from Banepa and used to own a duck farm.