In Black

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In Black

Release Date: July 5, 2013

Artist: Newaz
Duration: 41:11
Producer(s): Newaz
Record Label: Independent

'In black' is brash and serpentine, a quick-burning conflagration fueled by the trio’s collective love of rock n' roll with a tendency towards blues. Laced with protruding bass lines, massive drums, and riff-heavy arrangement, the album thrives on disrupting tradition; unbothered by musical norms of any particular sub-genre while staying true to the rock n' roll sound. The title track rocks with a protruding bass accompaniment with moments of instrumental flash that quickly return their energies to the album's main objective: Groove. "Angel" has a similar build, an unstoppable guitar riff with Satish Sthapit's voice wrapping up everything in his personal intensity. Sthapit generously contributes a guitar solo that helps the tune kick into a higher gear. Even the relatively slower "And I'm Wondering" embracing a more traditional blues sound feels designed to get you up on your feet. "Kathmandu" has the soundscapes of the city of temples as the introduction echoing nostalgia and homesickness, "Kathmandu in my dreams…in my veins" cries Sthapit. The bell chimes cleverly used to contribute to the harmonic texture combined with the guitars. "Hiddai thie" is reminiscent of the Radiohead classic 'Creep' with a spin and contrasted by a section that can pass as something straight out of a SOD record. The music argues, to be aggressive one minute and crave intimacy the next, even to contain both feelings at once. 'Gypsy Curse No. 9' embraces the Primus sound but with a Newaz twist. The technical proficiency of the trio is on full display on the track. The trio has given In black the energy of a live show, but also spending time crafting songs and performances, building something exciting but also musically nutritious. The rhythm draws you in, but the talent and heart keeps you listening.

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Bijen KC

Bijen KC

July 14, 2021

Bass and drums are to die for. you guys have made an awsome album.

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