Acid And Acidity [EP]

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Acid And Acidity [EP]

Release Date: June 3, 2021

Artist: Acid And Acidity
Duration: 9:14
Producer(s): Acid And Acidity
Record Label: Independent

The EP starts off with title track "Acid and Acidity" and sets you off with a Middle Eastern flavored melody laced with all the psy trance goodness that you can expect from this record. BMPD is the theme and if you plan to go deeper on what that means. Let's make it easier for you. It just means "Beer makes people dance". The lows are fun on this one. "Malai Aitabaar Mann Pardaina" comes in next and it feels like it starts right where the first track left off. The constant low punches and pad works are fun on this one as it switches gears time and again. This can be the life of any trance or even rave parties. The final track is "SOS (Sasto Oak Sathi)" - in our guesses a tribute to Golden Oak whiskey maybe. The samples and tempo in this one feels like a race circuit slowly picking up. The tone is definitely a rigid one as is with most psy trance music. If room for more experimentation is given, this project would be a much more intense experience. For now, this is a more direct attempt at this genre.

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