Jo Jassanga Sambandhit Cha

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Jo Jassanga Sambandhit Cha

Release Date: July 7, 2005

Artist: Albatross
Duration: 22:43
Lyricist(s): Shirish Dali
Producer(s): Albatross
Record Label: Independent

A modern day classic - Albatross' Album "Jo Jas Sanga Sambandhit Chha" brings back many college memories or school ones for some. The album starts off with "Timi Bhane" and do we even need to review this one? From every college and school welcome - farewell to the live music circuit - this track gives a tough time to Killing in the Name of which has been outplayed only by Nischal - the National anthem. Oh wait. Well this band is known for their melody sense and crisp mixes and lyrics that sometimes baffle grammatics but ring closer to our hearts. 'Kina danga pareko huh' begins a world class alternative track "Awaz" - amazing that they had this awesome mix at that time - Kukur bhukyo bhani bahira herey - suti po racha moro bhudi fulaai - the relatable essence in their songs is what sets them apart. "Khaseka Tara" follows suit and the 00s alternative and post grunge aesthetics makes this a classic again. That guitar solo which we're sure everyone has air-guitared to or sang along. Lovely. In comes now the unsung hero of the record "Kosish" which is a good tune in itself but feels like Seaman and Swallows in Southpark's super best friends. This band has played a major role for Nepali alternative rock. Hats off to that. The album ends in the highest note possible - literally. With "Sacred", we often wonder if the guitars are tuned one step higher than the standard. A timeless acoustic english tune this one with lovely slides and a top notch vocal performance. Kudos. Let's be honest and share amongst ourselves - where did we get our pirated copies of these songs in the mid 2000s? Well now you have the chance of adding a genuine HQ copy of this album to your prized collection!! Totally worth it!!

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1 Timi Bhane 5:28 Add To cart $1.04
2 Awaz 3:49 Add To cart $1.04
3 Khase Ka Tara 5:01 Add To cart $1.04
4 Koshish 4:52 Add To cart $1.04
5 Sacred 3:31 Add To cart $1.04


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Sadip Tuladhar

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