Blue Dawn [EP]

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Blue Dawn [EP]

Release Date: May 29, 2021

Artist: ASM
Duration: 27:35
Lyricist(s): Abhishek S. Mishra
Producer(s): ASM
Record Label: Independent

Blue is an interesting color to say the least. And the start to this EP is "Tara" - setting the mood instantly for a morning that is to come. The song is nostalgic in it's essence. Feels like waking up at 3 A.M unexpectedly with long lost memories that even you thought you had forgotten. The overall sound has more of an Eastern classical feel with an electronic spin, reminiscent of Indian Fusion ensembles most popularly heard on Coke Studio - And that adds a really good dimension to this. The legendary Diwas Gurung works his magic as usual with the arrangements and production. 'Hold on' is somehow reminiscent of AIC's "Over Now" - not as a copy in anyway but if we had the choice, we would place it towards the end of this EP just as the MTV Unplugged. The chorus brings a lovely contrast with its colorful harmony and the mellow vibe is its strength. Similar stripped-down accompaniments can be heard on 'Don't break' and 'On my Way', with the former being the more dynamic. If you know ASM personally or musically then you know that - "bandaa emotional hai" - and it shows in his writing about hope or not giving up or nostalgia or just holding on. 'On my Way' features a slide guitar solo, not traditional in any way and hence is appealing. The two aforementioned tracks are the mellow acoustic cousins of this record. The title track's Lofi vibe is something totally unexpected from ASM that has blended well with a gritty-sounding guitar as the main accompaniment, backed by subtle ambience, faint bird sounds, and a mellow organ. The cleaver production from Foeseal surrounds the song with a colorful aesthetic. "Hadioread" - If the title doesn't make sense to you, chances are the song won't either, at least not in its entirety. This Lawpacks stamped track after some timbre changes can easily pass as an unreleased section of the infamously stolen 18-hours long recording of 'OK Computer'. The snappy percussions and a gorgeous piano line over vocal samples looped - run through all the synthesizer that Lawpacks could find with ASM's delivery depicting despair and loneliness as compadres is a perfect mix. This is the only track on the EP not composed by ASM and sounds like a total left swerve in a good sense. 'Fine' serves as an epilogue to the EP, letting ASM shine with a laidback groove arranged and produced by Ktm Souljah encompassing occasional gloomy one-note whistles and rain and wind samples. A lovely closure. Common to all the songs except Hadioread, the guitar sits in the heart of the instrumental section. There are mainly two distinct styles; 3 songs being solo, stripped down and accompanied mostly by an acoustic guitar only, and the rest of the tracks more inclined to electronic style. Though all the tracks have a sweet delivery, ASM thrives and shines most when he is collaborating on this one.

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Sabin Rimal

Sabin Rimal

July 10, 2021

Artist Fact Board

- Although the name “ASM” came about as an acronym for the band’s vocalist and guitarist, Abhishek Shankar Mishra, it doesn’t have an actual full form. At the time, it means A Strange Monster, but the meaning is constantly changing and open to the audiences’ interpretation.

- Abhishek recalls meeting Buddy Guy in 2017 as his first experience being truly starstruck.

- The band’s bassist, Simon Upreti, is from Banepa and used to own a duck farm.