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Release Date: Sept. 2, 2016

Artist: Bipul Chettri
Duration: 00:37:23
Lyricist(s): Bipul Chettri
Record Label: Independent

The second release from Bipul Chhetri is more of the same but different. With grander sounds, orchestral arrangements and folk elements added to the soundscapes, the album starts off with “Siriri” which grows grander by the minute and can be an arena rocker in the future. “Allarey Jovan" follows which is the most folk-ish and playful sounding tune in this release with the lyrics surely capable of making you smile to yourself upon listening. One thing that sets this apart from his first release is that this record sounds more folk and more “thet” or “local”. “Mann” is an example of the same with its “kammar markaune” tune – a definite crowd pleaser in future gigs here. “Mero Maya” is the fourth track and has this Bob Dylan-ish tinge to it and has one of the best guitar solos of this record. The playful nature of his lyrics shines on this one as well as it gives way to “Junkeri” which is a soft and laid back acoustic tune – one surely for star lit nights or for silent reflections on your own. Beautiful sarangi work as well. This is followed by “Kahile Kahi” which is actually a 70s composition of Bipul dai’s late father Mr. Nirendra Mohan Chhetri and ths song has a stripped down surf kind of vibe. The song has that Nepali aadhunik feel as well. “Syndicate” follows suit and as we all know, this song blew up to the levels of “wildfire” with every almost every band in Thamel covering the tune. It is indeed a beautiful, playful and upbeat song even though the two characters are parting ways. “Nau Lakhey Tara” closes off this album which is the second fully acoustic song of this album. A lullaby of sorts – try this one before you go to sleep or during a campfire or a dimly lit room – and you will find that this song is beautifully immersive. All in all a different but up to par followup to his enormous debut “Sketches of Darjeeling”.

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Dikkan Maharjan

Dikkan Maharjan

June 4, 2021

Artist Fact Board

1. Bipul Chettri is the first and only Nepali language singer/songwriter to have been endorsed by Epiphone Guitars (Gibson India).