Sketches of Darjeeling

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Sketches of Darjeeling

Release Date: July 25, 2014

Artist: Bipul Chettri
Duration: 00:21:06
Lyricist(s): Bipul Chettri
Record Label: Independent

Let’s get it out of the way. This album is a modern day Nepali classic! The album name aptly defines the soundscapes of the record as if taking a ride from Pashupatinagar to Darjeeling through various terrains and moods... all fresh and exciting. The album starts off with “Mountain High” and is easily one of the highs. Soundscapes that encapsulate a balance between 90s alternative mixed with Himalayan folklore, this is a homecoming of sorts saying Bipul Chhetri is now here and is a perfect album opener. “Wildfire” comes up next and there is not much to be said about this one as we know how it spread out literally like wildfire from Soundcloud to all of our hearts to the point that his first gig at Tangalwood, Kathmandu, gathered an awesome mass with everyone singing along to it. “Asar” follows suit with its Jack Johnson level of calmness and mind you folks – Bipul Chhetri is a storyteller – as each one of his songs feels like a painted picture or an audiobook excerpt with melody. The next one is a Western swingtastic “Deorali Darah” which is a 3+ minute feel good foot tapping track. This is followed by the somber “Ram Sailee '' which made the majority of the crowd sing “Rum Khaye Maile Khola Kinaraima '' instead of 'Gam Khaye' – the original lyrics. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful tune and the tagline ‘Ode to my father’ hits differently every time you pay attention to the words on this one. The album is closed by “Rail Garee” which follows the suit of Deorali Darah and is a jolly go around tune, maybe set for a long drive or a train ride in Darjeeling. As said before, this album was, is and will be an instant classic for a considerable amount of time.

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Dikkan Maharjan

Dikkan Maharjan

June 4, 2021

Artist Fact Board

1. Bipul Chettri is the first and only Nepali language singer/songwriter to have been endorsed by Epiphone Guitars (Gibson India).