V For Venom [EP]

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V For Venom [EP]

Release Date: Nov. 15, 2017

Artist: Amazumi
Duration: 25:20
Lyricist(s): Amazumi
Producer(s): Hyperviolet
Record Label: Independent

V for Venom, the EP starts off ferocious... venomous... a rawkus... a banger, “Torch”. The “I’m here now, so step aside” kinda statement. Smooth flow and a thumping track. “I’m an outcast on a mission, cast all your doubts out the door and listen... turned on like a full ignition, with these raps I attack like ammunition” might sound like something you’ve heard before in a rap song but the way Amazumi delivers it makes it fire and its transition to “Watch your body goin’ clockwise motion – I’m an anti-clockwise emotion – to be frank I’m a real large ocean – make you seasick – when I’m in full motion” are some instances of the smooth flows you can expect from this EP. The balance of fun, chillness and aggression on the opener is commendable. ”Shots” is the second track and is a percussion driven head bobber. Lyrically along the same likes as “Torch”. The flow switches on this one shows the control that she has – “I don’t need someone to level with me – Turning the corner is my specialty – I’m just arriving at a place where I can be myself – Let a critic catch this wind – Dive into my ocean of salt” – the EP looks solid. The title track follows next – “V for Venom” produced by Hyperviolet (the whole EP as well) is the most trap sounding song on this one/ Do check out the video as well if you haven’t – she definitely has a unique way of presenting herself as well. The theme switches on this track telling one to stop being treated badly by someone taking you for granted with an underlying statement of her as an individual – a ‘take no shit’ kind of vibe. The bridge and chorus switch is kickass on this one. “But this shit ain’t mandatory – this be an optional course – you can take the bridge – to cross over – unless you resign (re-sign) to your faith then it’s over.” Four tracks in – “Vamp” has an interesting slow grimey intro. One of the noticeable things is that the beats and turntables sound fresh on this EP – maybe owing to her U.K roots or maybe to her inspirations and choices. Kudos! This track is a bit laid back compared to the first three – with some dope scratches a feature from Yodda spitting a verse in Nepali. All in all, a chill track and do check out her MNMbe performance of this one if you haven’t!! Thank us later. The backings for this EP were mostly done by O.P.W (Owen Perry Weston) and the hypes he’s added only propels the record forward. “Diamonds” is the most urban hiphop sounding track on this one and is a no mess around straight up flow-mageddon. “Don’t need no crown of a damn crowd pleaser” - Check out MNMbe performance of this one as well and how flawlessly it has been executed. “Wreck” is the most personal track on this release, with it being about her mother/ “I thought this one was gonna be about the world – but I realized I got a whole world inside of me – and that world is you” and you know this track will be a deep one and a dope one. “I remember standing on the edge – hanging on a piece of my mind to find the peace of my mind” – The string sections and reverse sampled track on this one gives the entire song this ominous feel and sounds the most aggressive on the record without being it literally. Definitely a highlight of this EP. As they say – save the best for last – “Hadouken!” comes in as this thunderous march up your eardrums pumping you up from the get go – and if you’re a Ryu-Ken fan then you love this song already! A dope beat – a flow that’s fire and a hyped up chorus – all ingredients set! “I ain’t here for your itty bitty lines – I’m ahead of the time, James Cameron mind – I been writing my destiny like a pre written rhyme – time and again on the go from the get go – gold rush for the fools who can’t flow – get close – I’mma let loose and school you – and put your life on deathrow !!” A nod to deathrow records maybe? Who knows? There’s only one thing to know - This EP is straight up fire and fresh!

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1 Torch 3:44 Add To cart $0.85
2 Shots 3:55 Add To cart $0.85
3 V For Venom 3:29 Add To cart $0.85
4 Vamp 3:48 Add To cart $0.85
5 Diamonds 3:31 Add To cart $0.85
6 Wreck 3:34 Add To cart $0.85
7 Hadouken! 3:16 Add To cart $0.85


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