Kanta Dab Dab

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Kanta Dab Dab

Release Date: Feb. 3, 2016

Artist: Kanta Dab Dab
Duration: 53:42
Producer(s): Self
Record Label: Independent

This 9 song journey through western and eastern musical soundscapes with impeccable playing and interesting time signatures is only the debut album of the trio – Kanta Dab Dab. The album starts with “Crossover” and is a rightly named opener that switches smoothly between tempos, time signature and musical flavors varying from eastern classical to flamingo and many terrains. The track features Daniel Givone on guitars as well. “Dab Dab” follows next and before saying anything, the staccato section in this one is amazing – to say the least !! With a beautiful Cello section from Solene Comsa, this one is definitely a crowd favorite with its playful intro and subtle buildups and segues. The third track “Kelikula (Festival)” sounds as festive and alive as the title and the bassline is one of the finest on this record from Rizu dai. This album was one of the first to be released on pendrives in Nepal in 2016. “Escapade” is the fourth track on this offering and is arguably the most famous track or the “hit” track of the album among the local crowd. The track itself is adventurous pushing boundaries for more than 7 minutes. “Aatman” is a laidback track that just makes you want to lie down lazily and maybe take a few long breaths in retrospect and is one of the simplest in terms of time signatures by KDD standards. Beautiful nonetheless. The sixth track is “Panchakarma” is an elated piece that plays out with some of the most kickass improvisation and drum solos during their live sets. Each of their prowess shines through on this track – thumbing basslines, smooth Sitar and some of the punchiest and off time drumming – Kudos! “Ode to Occurrence” is the seventh track which sounds like a relaxing evening by the Sauraha riverside somehow – not a worry in the world, just smooth music listening flowing seamlessly. “Baka Baka” is the second last track of the album and the title for some reason reminds us of One Piece or anime of that sort – we wonder why? Musically the variations in this one is lovely and the 5 or so minutes of this track flows effortlessly. “Malshree” is the closing track of this release and is the only non self-composed music as the trio play around the classic Dashain Malshree tune of Nepal. A perfect closure to a perfectly balanced instrumental album. Their newer songs seem to follow more experimental sounds and time signatures and their second album will definitely be worth the wait and the buy!

Noodle Rating :

1 Crossover 5:43 Add To cart $1.29
2 Dab Dab 7:34 Add To cart $1.29
3 Kelikula (Festival) 4:18 Add To cart $1.29
4 Escapade 7:16 Add To cart $1.29
5 Aatman 5:57 Add To cart $1.29
6 Panchakarma 7:01 Add To cart $1.29
7 Ode To Occurrence 6:33 Add To cart $1.29
8 Baka Baka 5:19 Add To cart $1.29
9 Malshree 3:58 Add To cart $1.29


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Noor Hada

Noor Hada

June 8, 2021

Artist Fact Board

'Kanta Dab Dab' is a Newari word for the musical instrument 'Damaru'.

Kanta Dab Dab was formed in 2014 when Dancemandu, an EDM festival held in Kathmandu, were looking for fusion bands from Nepal.

Rizu Tuladhar, bassist for the band, believes that any musical scene, when it reaches the inevitable saturation point for a genre, has to make room for new ones, and therefore sees a bright future for folk music in Nepal.