Fingers And Fables

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Fingers And Fables

Release Date: June 10, 2015

Artist: Ankit Shrestha
Duration: 18:27
Lyricist(s): Ankit Shrestha
Record Label: Independent

'Fingers and Fables' is US-based singer/songwriter, Ankit Shrestha's debut album that he put out in 2015. Featuring 'The Underwater Song', the track that garnered him a following shortly after its release, the 4-track album is a short collection of songs that introduced him as a promising artist in the indie genre. Composed by Ankit himself, the album is raw, unfiltered, genuine. With reverberating background harmonies and layered vocals, Ankit's distinct voice and his acoustic guitar are the center of attention. Songs like 'Make you Stronger', a gentle assurance of sleep and peace, and 'Long Gone', a tune about an individual’s yearning for an escapade, cradle the listener in a calming ambience. Written in Nepali, 'Katha' is a soulful tune that sings of love and loss. With a minimal use of musical instruments and a simplistic choice in production, ‘Fingers and Fables’ is sincere and authentic, and his abstract portrayal of experiences and emotions through soulful, mellow tunes effectively makes it a mesmerizing experience.

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Srijan Rajbhandari

Srijan Rajbhandari

May 28, 2021

Underwater Song's guitar work is such a joy to listen to. So much talent. 🔥

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