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Release Date: April 17, 2022

Artist: Paradigm Shift
Duration: 22:16
Lyricist(s): Paradigm Shift
Producer(s): Paradigm Shift
Record Label: Independent

This 4 tracker by Paradigm Shift is a strong testament to the goth rock/ metalcore scene of the valley. "Duke of Death" starts things off and the double tracked vocals with a sweet riffage gives you an idea of what to expect from this record. If you're big on Lacuna Coil, Evanescence or even Disturbed, this is your cup of tea. The production is clean and crisp and almost juicy to be precise. The outro is kickass on this one. Extending around 6 minutes, this song feels like it has 3 distinct parts and stories all sweet and intriguing. "Morta" comes in next and is a mammoth 8-minuter. The vocal and the instrumentations are perfectly complimentary of each other and the intricacies in the riffs are fun on this one. A kickass bass tone as well. This songs sounds grand and the keys and electronic break in the middle adds texture and volume to an already stupendous track. The song is well thought out. The third track "Bloodbend" starts off in a gnarly but contained way almost feeling like Dani Filth will creep out of the studio left. A banger of a track this one and the most symphonic one this one. The vocals have a dreamy mix throughout whereas the instrumentations are tight and boxed. A lovely contrast and the occasional growls are more than welcome from Foeseal. If you know his history then you know he has not always been the electronic artist he is now. The last one "Revoluation" features Nasty and Mitsu and is the most nu-metal track of this record. We are not sure of how we feel about the autotune on Nasty's voice but overall a heavy sendoff to the EP. Experimentations are always a welcome. This feels like PShift is reaching a point where they will know what is the sound that they will pursue on the next record. No compromises!

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1 Duke O' Death 5:46 Add To cart $0.85
2 Morta 7:44 Add To cart $0.85
3 Bloodbend 4:36 Add To cart $0.85
4 Revolution 4:10 Add To cart $0.85


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sirish man Maharjan

sirish man Maharjan

April 22, 2022

Paradigm Shift 💥🔥🔥

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