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Release Date: Feb. 22, 2022

Artist: PsNoBs
Duration: 25:20
Lyricist(s): PsNoBs
Producer(s): PsNoBs
Record Label: Independent

A concept album at its heart with color codes for each songs, PsNobs debut album is a fun approach to address their nostalgia of home away from home. “Sounds of Kathmandu” starts this off with the samples of traffic noise and the hustle bustle of Ktm city and it keeps on your toes as to how the album will sound when it finally starts. “Hamro Katha” starts this off as it feels like a mix of Bon Iver and Neutral Milk Hotel and the playful melody works off well with the theme of reminiscence. A simple but pleasant start to the album. The vocal harmonies at the end works really well. “Hijo Ko” follows suit along the same veins. A raw acoustic intro builds up into a breezy track. “Samay biteko ainaa lai k tha hola ra – hijo ko ghau le aja yo manche k rola ra – timi hijo ko hau – mitho samjhana hau” a somber outro to a melancholic tune. “Dubdaichu” gets on straight away as a piano ballad that builds up into a dreamy slow rock tune. The songs on this record feel heartfelt and personal but the lyrics on this one could have been provided a bit more depth – and it would have been even better. “Atteri” is fifth and comes in as a rock layered tune and takes a different swerve. The heaviest one the record and maybe representing their angst and frustration. “Kuhiro Badal” comes in next and is the highlight of this record with its playful time signature and a whimsical tone. A pop rock melody at its core, this one is pulled off well. “Ma” follows suit as a playful acoustic tune and it is clear that the outfit excels while playing around with pop rock and pop tunes. “Thahachha” closes off this one and is a time capsule of sorts reminiscent of the 2000s pop rock heydays. All in all, the album is a decent effort and the thought put in behind it is noteworthy. We hope to hear more from them and we hope they will propel forward from here.

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