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Release Date: Feb. 21, 2022

Artist: Defiant
Duration: 13:18
Lyricist(s): Defiant
Producer(s): Defiant
Record Label: Bound By Modern Age Records.

Defiant is back and back in the loudest way possible sonically. Tuvan throat singing and Mongolian feels starts up this one on “Prelude Civilization” that gives you a feel of the brutal assault that is to follow suit. This prelude track builds up the right amount of tension in just over a minute before entering the intro track “Break These Chains” and this is a sludgy doomy affair before turning into a manifesto of sorts. And now finally – we start the EP with “Conditioned Killer” which is frantic from the get go and sounds like Sepultura on steroids. Crushing !! and the outro is definitely a killer!! “Forgotten Ones” comes in next with an audio sample talking about how the humans have fucked this blue marble up before moving into and old school thrash sounding riffage and one of the most guttural vocal performances on this record. “Sapiens” comes in next as an interlude with more of what we heard on the prelude before giving way to the title and closing track “Demons”. Ticking in over 4 minutes, this is definitely a highlight of the record and we understand why it is the title track. This ones takes its sweet time to build itself up as the sludgiest track on this one. All in all a warm welcome back to the crew.

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