Couldnt Dance To Save My Life

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Couldnt Dance To Save My Life

Release Date: Feb. 11, 2022

Artist: YNZN.P
Duration: 15:23
Record Label: Independent

YNZN.P is here with his EP “Couldn’t Dance To Save My Life” and it is a 5 tracker ride of electronica and genre blending soundscapes. “Must Be Summer Somewhere” starts things off in a jittery fashion and you get a taste of what is to follow on this record. Samples, loops, strong percussions and gliding layers of electronic music but not the regular club based dance regurgitation. Under 2 minutes, this is like an intro track to the record. A cool start. “Leave It There” comes in next and is a synth driven masquerade over playful hi-hats and audio samples. A chill continuation. The buildups do need more oomph in our opinion. “Fortunes” is an upbeat tune and feels like a usual house track. If you’re in the mood for a cool background music for your quiet nights, then this record is for you. The subtle section changes are fun. The title track comes in next and is the most clubb-y track of the record with low hums, a driving beat and synth hits. “Under The Impression” closes the EP and the squiggle sample gives it a nice fill. A head bobbing one this is and was the highlight for us on this one. 2 minutes of fun house. All in all, this record is a chill journey for the DJ lover in you.

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Biraj Śrēṣṭha

Biraj Śrēṣṭha

Feb. 13, 2022

the exhilarating effect of your music..always high!!!

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