Rust In Dust

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Rust In Dust

Release Date: Jan. 22, 2022

Artist: Shree 3
Duration: 47:30
Lyricist(s): Sarad Shrestha
Producer(s): Shree 3
Record Label: Independent

Shree 3 has always been a melt your face off heavy band so it is quite a testament of explosiveness when we say that “Rust In Dust” takes that heavy to another level. Slow, sludgy, grinding, grooving and packing a punch, this album is a perfect balance of airy instrumentals and bone crushing riffages. We say it here first, this is a modern day classic of our music scene. “Riffland” starts things off with a clean intro before entering into what the title promises it to be – a punch to your gut kind of affair. The clanky bass tone and powerhouse drumming gives this a “Songs for the deaf” kind of feel – a kickass start. “Demon’s Lullaby” starts off as Southern as possible and turns into a heavy Western right into Down territory. It is a safe bet to say that every riff that Sarad Shrestha comes up with is money! “Kings of Horns” with its mild intro before turning into this mammoth of an almost doom metal track is another highlight of this record. The dynamics of this track is lovely. Clocking in at 10 minutes, “Drift” is another epic track. The track lengths are a breeze given the heaviness that the songs pack. Drift away with this one. It is also to be noted that instead of Nepali, his singing in English adds on to the flavor of the tracks. “Existence In Uncertainty” is another gorgeous track that takes its sweet time to build up. The space that this track creates is commendable. In comes “Pandaemonium” – less than 3 minutes in total and is the most Sabbath sounding track on the album. A proper short but pumped up power trip!! “Trigger/ Awake” closes off the album and it feels like a 9 minute drive down the highway with a road rage that is slowly building up inside you. The breaks in this one are crushing! The spoken parts in different songs could use some clarity though. All in all, “Rust In Dust” feels like a band in a good place with all the members properly gelled in and holding their front – all cylinders firing - guns a blazing resulting in a commanding collection of 7 badass tunes.

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Manoj Chuhan

Manoj Chuhan

Feb. 2, 2022

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