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Release Date: Nov. 29, 2021

Artist: Kristina Allen
Duration: 22:47
Lyricist(s): Kristina Allen
Producer(s): Anil Studios
Record Label: Independent

Reflective of the patience she's worked with on these six tunes, "Dhairyata" is a showcase of the vocal excellence that Kristina Allen is. "Aakash Ko Tara" starts things off with a bold statement from the get go. An acoustic ditty that is reflective and singing of hopes and expectations with a lovely flute solo in between, this gives you a glimpse of what is to follow. The "sapana dekhdai chhu bipana" outro is gorgeous. "Ek Tarfi Maya" comes in next swaying about unrequited love and if you're big on the pop ballad scene of the 00s, you'll get hooked on this. Acoustic but laden with strings as needed, the vocal soars on this one. The third one is "Juneli Raat Ma" is the most melancholic one of the album yet. She sounds like an amalgamation of the acoustic routes that bands take for some songs be it Radiohead with Thinking About You or Sixpence None The Richer - the sound is full yet grounded. "Jadai Chu" sounds the most Nepali on this one with a jhyaure guitar pluck and stop pattern, flutes, maadal and a feel good take on things in life. The 'thet' tune with her vocal tenor gives this a fresh feel. "Dar Lagcha" is where the album title comes from and this one feels like it's a personal tune for Allen. The vocal controls are gorgeous. The closure is an acoustic version of the fan favorite "Mayalu". A jangly upbeat tune in parts, this is sure to be a delight for those who know the tune and those who don't as well. This album is for a rainy evening or a quiet night - an OST for those who stare into space per se. Run Allen Run - we wish to see you cover a lot more in the future.

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Bishal Timalsina

Bishal Timalsina

Jan. 19, 2022

A package for those alone times. With songs to dance to, reminisce to, relax to and sing along to with some deep feelings. The one thing that makes these songs stand out to me is the appreciation you feel in Kristina's voice for whatever she is singing about. Give it a few listens and let the songs grow in you, it will be a companion. ✌️

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