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Release Date: Oct. 8, 2021

Artist: The Moonflares Collective
Duration: 00:09:48
Lyricist(s): Akash Xavier Rai, Sunith Jude Pradhan
Producer(s): Shayan Chakraborty, Sunith Jude Pradhan, Abhishek Sarkar
Record Label: Independent

Pratibimb EP by The Moonflares Collective is a 2-track EP with “Prathna” and “Molly’s Song” as the titles. The sound of this act is a very clean guitar driven one. With a deceitful title, “Molly’s Song” is actually in Nepali as he sings of unrequited love with a lazily sweet delivery. A laidback tune this one that gets layered as it progresses and is a slow rock fest at its core. The other track “Prathna” starts off with these beautiful key notes. A slowly cascading track with a gorgeous guitar work. The vocal delivery is not as open as we’d have preferred given the overall wide nature of the two tracks but everyone has their style. A sweet release nevertheless this one and definitely for those who like pop rock.

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