Let It Come, Let It Go

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Let It Come, Let It Go

Release Date: Nov. 10, 2021

Artist: Badal Tamang
Duration: 37:08
Lyricist(s): Badal Tamang
Producer(s): Peak Productions
Record Label: Independent

Badal Tamang's eponymous debut is an 8 tracker that blends many genres but has fingerstyle guitars as the main core. A single strum starts off this affair as "Let It Come, Let It Go" kicks things off and we get s taste of what's to follow on this one. Dreamy reverb laden vocals and a lulling melody over an coustic stream, a lovely start to the record. "Frosty Sky" comes in next with a piano melody and he somehow sounds more confident on this one compared to the first track. Good signs ...good signs. A solemn melody this one. If you're into classics like MLTR and Savage Garden, you'll identify with this one immediately. "Invisible" feels like a 00s hindi-indie track along the veins of Silk Route and it is definitely not a bad place to be. He definitely needs a bit of work on the pronunciations but that's alright as the wide ambience takes over on this one. The fourth one "Ma Ke Bhanu" is the first Nepali song on this one and the pluckings along with a water flute melody anchors this one and is a love song at its core and a duet as well. A well crafted pop tune this one. "Say My Name" comes in next and is a synth blended track as it sounds more wholesome as it should and is the highlight of the album in many ways. The boppy "Dance in the Rain" comes in next and feels like something straight out of the a Tarantino flick and the album looks like it's headed for a strong finish as this is another pretty tune . "Why Only Me" takes a quieter melancholic road as it feels like a clock ticking a restless sleepless night down. The closure "Don't Say Goodbye" with a cello in the mix is a lovely end to this one. Badal has brewed 8 songs from his heart and he sounds best when he plays and sings freely as in Dance in the Rain or the last track. All in all, a fair enough album if you're into easy listening pop.

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