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Release Date: March 25, 2018

Artist: 69BC
Duration: 57:01
Lyricist(s): 69BC
Producer(s): Zen Studios, Geoff Lee, Sharad Gurung.
Record Label: Independent

A blend of Sabbath, Purple and Motorhead, 69BC comes in roaring with 17 tracks and a mammoth of a self-titled album. “The Trip” gives you a look into the straight up classic and garage sound that the band is going for – reverb laden vocals, nasty guitars and steady grooves. “Bedside Manner” is the most Lemmy track ever clocking in at a hyper less than 2 minute and “Stinkpit” follows the same suit as a dirty gritty ditty. This is an old school rock album in the most modern of times and the contrast is fun. “Later Than You Know” is a nice change of pace that feels like a GNR Lies B-side. “I Kissed Her” is a straight up rocker again whereas “Dark Elf” is the dark horse of the record with it’s almost minstrel-y folksy sound – the kind that Maiden uses proper for storytelling. “The Seven Truths” is a lovely alt-rock number, and the next three tracks follow suit. This is a steady album that doesn’t take many chances but does what it does best by rocking the fuck out without a care. The kind of band you can imagine in a pub playing without a care of the world or filling up arenas. The closing track “Throne of Blood” is somehow our favorite on this one. If you like you rock straight up and gritty and old school, then this record is definitely for you!

Noodle Rating :

1 The Trip 2:48 Add To cart $0.85
2 Bedside Manner 1:44 Add To cart $0.85
3 Stinkpit 2:38 Add To cart $0.85
4 Later Than We Know 3:48 Add To cart $0.85
5 I Kissed Her 2:41 Add To cart $0.85
6 Dark Elf 5:00 Add To cart $0.85
7 The Seven Truths 3:40 Add To cart $0.85
8 Lawyer Up 2:34 Add To cart $0.85
9 Redeemer 3:12 Add To cart $0.85
10 Gimme Skunk 3:44 Add To cart $0.85
11 Into Out 4:39 Add To cart $0.85
12 Get It While You Can 2:44 Add To cart $0.85
13 Cytherea 4:12 Add To cart $0.85
14 Nobody's Fool 3:16 Add To cart $0.85
15 Journey To Id 4:14 Add To cart $0.85
16 Wig Out 2:26 Add To cart $0.85
17 Throne Of Blood 3:40 Add To cart $0.85


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