Lazy Morning

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Lazy Morning

Release Date: Oct. 13, 2021

Artist: Adarsha Pandey
Duration: 7:10
Producer(s): Adarsha Pandey
Record Label: Independent

"Lazy Morning" is a lo-fi play around of Adarsha spinning around VST and DAW samples creating a chill environment - much as the title suggests. The title track starts things off straight away with a morning view feel. A smooth and laid back track this one that feels like a nod to the electronic 00s. "Saturday" comes in next with a massive sidechain and bass as it slowly takes its groove. If you know acts like Eiffel 65, Ace of Base and Whigfield, then this feels like the instrumental version of it. This one is more of a house track. The record ends with "Rose" with percussive hits and drops a synthy surround. The dynamics are fun on this one as the synths get grittier as it builds. Adarsha has played it safe on this EP playing around simple soundscapes to create a calm tenor around it. However, the tracks don't build up much and stay in that zone. Moreover, we wish to see him explore more beyond the stock tracks and sampling and delve into what he has started with this one. All zee best !!

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