Manaka Kura

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Manaka Kura

Release Date: Oct. 3, 2021

Artist: Reagon Karki
Duration: 22:00
Lyricist(s): Reagon Karki
Producer(s): Girish Shrestha / Tone Temptation
Record Label: Independent

“Manaka Kura” by Reagon Karki is the eponymous debut EP of this artist currently based in Germany. This consists of 5 tracks of pop rock melodies and “Timi Ra Ma” starts things off with an acoustic sway. The title is something you’ve heard many artists name their melodious numbers and the low tone and orchestration on this one takes the same route. PS. the guitar solo is gorgeous on this one with the strat and strafe sounds. “Sajha Ko Belama” comes in next and is an Eagles-ish tune. His voice is not a soaring one – it’s simple and to the point – maybe just as he meant it to be. The cymbals are a tad bit loud on this one though. “Socheko Thiyina” is the third track and is the most stripped down one yet on the record and feels like the most comfortable zone he has sung in till this point. A calm and soothing tune this one. The fourth track starts off with a string of power chords that promises to be a power ballad at its core and feels like a time capsule. The title track comes in last with a piano laden melody and a spacey ambience. He opens up a lot more vocally on this one and definitely is the better side of the EP. The string sections and arrangements are beautiful on this one. An earnest effort this one but we’d like to see the artist explore more.

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