Stars Are My Friends

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Stars Are My Friends

Release Date: Sept. 22, 2021

Artist: Tape
Duration: 26:00
Lyricist(s): Tape
Producer(s): Hokko Joshi/ Alchemy.incc
Record Label: Independent

If you’ve seen them live, then you know that this is a talented and fun trio delving in math rock and groovy instrumentals. The music takes you on a spin through all the Japanese Indie Math Rock boom that we’ve had a fair share of. This starts off with “Window”, a 6-minute ride that does feel like looking out your window at a timelapse of your daily life passing by. The articulate drum strokes, a sweet guitar melody and a mellow bassline all traverse you through different sections and changes, each one as beautiful and intriguing with subtle changes in the time signature. If you like bands like Toe, Tricot, Mouse on the Keys or Enemies, then you know the vein in which Tape plays – in their own original form. “G-slide” comes in next and this one is as bright as the future that this band holds. The lumens are high we tell you as this one slides through your mind and heart with its beautiful tapping and grooves. The title track comes in next with a quiet intro that grows into steady grooves and delay laden melodies before exploding like mad roman candles. It is evident that each of the three are sound and proficient in the instruments they hold and the amalgamation results in beautiful compositions like these. This is the title track and rightfully so it is. The fourth track “Motion” is the smoothest one yet with its playful guitar melody and this one feels like it is pushing the EP forward on a late evening boat ride per se. The EP ends with “High” that has a cautious start as it takes you through 7 minutes of audio voyage catered proper. This sounds like the instrumental section in Pigs (Three Different Ones) in its texture and tone and we definitely mean that as a praise – no hidden concoctions here. A lovely closure to a lovely EP. 5 tracks – 5 emotions – “Stars Are My Friends” can be a proud addition to any music collection.

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2 G-Slide 3:46 Add To cart $0.85
3 Stars Are My Friends 4:30 Add To cart $0.85
4 Motion 4:37 Add To cart $0.85
5 High 7:10 Add To cart $0.85


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Prajwol Adhikari

Prajwol Adhikari

Oct. 13, 2021


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