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Release Date: Sept. 13, 2021

Artist: Phatcowlee
Duration: 7:40
Lyricist(s): Phatcowlee
Producer(s): Phatcowlee
Record Label: Independent

Random musings and a chill flavor, Phatcowlee is synonymous to suave and chill experimental free jazz ambient electro. Ye we like to stuff every terminology and musical style we can think of that can possibly explain this amalgamation of soundscapes that Rajan has named as “Scenes”. The EP sounds exactly as it is named, as it feels like 4 different movie settings in motion. “Chasing Prem Chopra” starts things off as it sounds like a 70s Hollywood revenge flick or most of what the 80s sounded like in Bollywood. A jazzy affair, this feels like a high staked gambling in a smoke filled casino as the protagonist aims to outwit the villain in question in a game of maybe Jutpatti – classy and sleazy both at the same time. “Mithun Enter The Club” and in comes the funky disco side of things. You can almost hear Bappi Lehri on this one as Mithun Da’s foot swerve in a hypnotic fashion. The funky bassline is lovely. The third track “The Quest for Kohinoor” makes you swear the Panna ki Tamanna ki heera tujhe mil jaaye – but the EP itself is a Heera. At a time, when every artist is mostly following the norms and trends, this is a serious attempt at a playful vamp soundtrack of the 80s. “Naag and Naagin (Netflix & Chill)” closes things off and this is the smoothest one on this – as the title suggests per se. This feels like and extended OST of “Taxi Driver” (the DeNiro one – not the Rajesh Hamal one) and the most outstanding track for us on this one. This EP is not about technicalities, this is more about the mood and the ambience, the scenes that the tunes paint for you. Kudos!

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Rohan Pradhan

Rohan Pradhan

Sept. 21, 2021

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