Truly Yours (Acoustic)

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Truly Yours (Acoustic)

Release Date: Aug. 28, 2021

Artist: Jude Lee
Duration: 16:05
Lyricist(s): Jude Lee
Producer(s): Jude Lee

“Jude Lee” – the name pops up and your mind is suddenly flashed with Jude Law and Jet Li and the first song “Shattered” kicks in as a sweet acoustic serenade bringing in Jason Wade in the most earnest way. If you’re big on Lifehouse, you’ll dig this straight away. For starters , this is a one take live recorded session, let’s appreciate that. Gentle percussions – Holding the pieces in place, maybe I’ll mend this shattered soul. The peaceful tone is a warm way to kick off this EP. “Threads of Faith (The Prayer)” comes in next. 5 acoustic ditties this record is with Core Tamrakar behind the panel. This one feels like a Garden State OST and is the most impressive vocally. “Out Loud” is the third track – a slow Cajon laden melody and is the most balanced track on this five tracker. I’ll be there to hold your hand but don’t hold your breath when you wanna shout”. A sweet serenade this one. “Stacie (This is For You)” starts off with a sweet female voice and it gives a sweet touch to record’s dimension. This is an ode to a happy place that you finally are in – in life. “The Wanderer” closes of this EP and has THAT plucking we all know somehow. An introspective tune closing off the EP. As said before, all of this is a one take live recording, so don’t come in expecting fully polished tunes, but this does exactly what it set out to do and feels like a chill evening with friends in a dimly lit room or a campfire per se, where you just enjoy the vibe and let everything else be.

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doper leo

doper leo

Sept. 5, 2021

This album is on repeat !!! ❤️🔥

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