The Singles

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The Singles

Release Date: July 30, 2021

Artist: Om3ga B3am
Duration: 28:12
Lyricist(s): Ritavrat Joshi
Producer(s): Ritavrat Joshi
Record Label: Independent

If you've heard Lawpacks, Space, or Kamero's music, you'll notice that Om3ga B3am is nothing like them, despite the fact that the person behind it is a common element. It's groovy, fun, experimental, electronica, fusion, instrumental, chaotic, techno and more. Yes, there is more! These past few years we have been witnessing a vast growth in the Nepali electronic music scene. Lots of artists have branched out from traditional genres and have driven themselves into the ever-expanding world of electronic music. With every track fully experimental and unconventional than the last, this can be a sweet find for the hardcore music listeners. Om3ga B3am is something really fresh and new that has come out of this country. The opening track "Havoc Inn" with the flute sound and rhythm patterns grabs your attention right away. It's inevitable for your brain to react to the sampled dialogues from Imitation Game and your body to respond to the smoothness in the rhythm. The combination of a clock/chain sound, piano, and other random sounds creates a sort of Havoc Inn that everyone should visit at least once. “Faith Dekonstrukt” with its combination of dark music and experimental electronica gives the impression that you're listening to two songs at once. One of the most impressive aspects of this piece of music is the tension created after the transition in the first half. The usage of Lucifer's Hymn voice creates a dark ambience in which sacred rituals seem possible within the minds of listeners. “Beudance 101: BWAB” comes in with a nice contrast and when you listen to it, your body is compelled to move to the rhythm. It awakens the dancer in you, and your body can't get enough of the beat. A piece that is highly recommended for all the crazy weird dancers out there. Flipside! “Mono No Aware” is a Japanese term that refers to a feeling of empathy toward things, which is reflected with throat singing and fusion elements. One of the most imposing aspects of this piece is how the mix of two different styles of music creates a harmonious experience that allows listeners to unwind. If you enjoy dark ambient music, this is a must-have. Up next, if a flashpoint is a critical moment at which something bursts forth into existence, “Fl3shpoint” feels as if it is referring to the critical moment in human life. DC Universe anyone? The music exemplifies the reference by using Dr. Sean's dialogue with Will from Good Will Hunting. Because perceptions are skewed, just because you read something about someone somewhere does not mean you are aware of the actual truth. Do you think reading this review will give you an idea of how Fle3shpoint sounds? We say nope – you need to try these songs personally. “174 Hz” also known as the sound that reverberates throughout the universe is believed to have healing qualities. These elements of calmness, relaxation, lucidity, pain relief are present throughout the track. The coolness and the consistency of the melody allows the offbeat drums to thrive on its own repetitiveness making the perfect counterpart. The subtle sound of sampled voices gives off a mystical and mysterious vibe as you can't really understand what those voices are saying but it gives you a sense of relief while being at a distance. It can be interpreted as one's inner voice and the entire track as a conversation with yourself. The closing track “Primordial Synapse” kicks off with a punch that makes you want to dance, jump, and scream all at once. The transitions are so seamless that you feel as though you've entered a musical realm where everything is possible for four minutes. The music turns into a delirious and smooth harmony, creating a big tension before changing to a more chill groove, without losing the small textures that you can almost touch. Smooth and clever transitions are a trademark of this EP. The experimentation and the instrumentations of the tracks make them a must listen to music lovers and listeners. Coming out of artists such as these are a very good sign to the country's music scene as it inspires more people to experiment with their own sounds without any compromises

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Sagun Kayastha

Sagun Kayastha

Oct. 20, 2021

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