Bhaihalcha Nii [EP]

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Bhaihalcha Nii [EP]

Release Date: July 18, 2021

Artist: Jai Faak
Duration: 28:26
Producer(s): Jai Faak
Record Label: Independent

5 tracks of 0 fucks given, this EP is a muddy, fuzzy and doomy affair of a 90s nostalgia that we all miss at times per se. Jai Faak starts things off with “Bhaihaalcha Ni” that feels like a cross between Doors and Nirvana for most of its start but when the actual song starts around the post 2-minute mark, the sound screams out Pixies and Mudhoney spliced with Sabbath. Garage rock supreme this track and a proper opener for this record. “Unturned Stone” comes in next clocking in at 6 minutes and is a solid trip to the Iommi days. Slow and brooding in its build, the vocals are hazy and doomy – a power trip this one. The third track is “Rodhi Ghar” and we were reminded of Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Ship bringing a sweet smile to our faces. The heaviness in this track is kickass. “Demokwaasi” come in next and it is exactly what you think about. The most punkish-Bleach-ish sounding track this one is an anti-political manifesto and a highlight of this EP. The last track is “You Waa” and is a fuzzfest with a gnarly bass tone that drives most of it. The band takes their sweet time in building up each song to the most intense point possible and that is where this EP blows your face off. If you like your rock dingy and raw then this EP is for you

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sumesh pradhan

sumesh pradhan

July 22, 2021

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