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Release Date: July 15, 2021

Artist: Bibhuti
Duration: 32:01
Producer(s): Bibhuti
Record Label: Independent

An instrumental album with a splice of Eastern and Western elements, “Kantipur” feels like a warm morning that has finally arrived. The album starts off with the title track with flutes and a warm ambience with solid guitar chugs, time signatures changes and a layered offering. This track gives you an insight of the sounds you can expect in the album. The instrumentation is fabulous. “Asha Ko Kiran” comes in next with a keyboard laden intro and an exquisite flute intro before breaking out into an almost Dream Theatre-ish tune. Almost Celtic in its melody essence, the chaotic mid-section is a highlight of this one. “Dancing in the Clouds” comes in making things lighter with an acoustic almost Irish-Nordic sounding melody without the brashness. The turns and changes that the outfit present is a commendable one. This is the most playful track on the album. The fourth track comes in the form of “The Last Samuari” and maybe you’ll imagine Tom Cruise or maybe not but the track is action packed rather Mission Impossible style with a punchy intro before settling into a calmer territory suitable for maybe a montage video or a protagonist traveling a long distance towards the battle of a century. Lovely instrumentation. “Coffee Time” comes in next with an acoustic frame almost reminiscent of the late 90s Bollywood pop rock outfits in the best way possible. The flute shines through and through on this record. Each section gives proper space to the instruments at hand on this tune and is a blissful one. The sixth and final track “Samsara” comes in next with a grand intro apt for climactic purposes. The sixth track is 6 minutes long and feels like a summary of everything we heard in the tracks before this one. Proficient musicians they are and this record is definitely for a peaceful ponder and listen. Well composed and well executed.

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Shreetesh Thapa

Shreetesh Thapa

July 23, 2021

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