Charades In The Sky

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Charades In The Sky

Release Date: July 14, 2021

Artist: Sunny K. Tuladhar
Duration: 36:10
Lyricist(s): Sunny K. Tuladhar
Producer(s): Sunny K. Tuladhar
Record Label: Independent

The DIY spirit is strong in Sunny with a K. Tuladhar and if you know his work, you know you’re in for a moody, tranquil, ambient and progressive ride with featurettes and fun compositions. “Charades in the sky” is a playful name for an album that has been in the making for some time – with ideas and demos – and now finally has seen a release date. This affair starts off with “Automata” that features Sabnam Mahat. An electronic tic tac toe this one with a sweet sweet clean guitar solo, this makes you want to bob your head while doing the Thom Yorke dance. Dynamic and visceral and a good way to start the album. Sabnam’s entry in the final quarter is a lovely transition in the tenor. The title track comes in next with its Mikael Akerfeldt vibes. The reverb laden vocals and the synths scream out Damnation but in the most original way possible. Sunny delves in the prog elements that we have grown up with and is a nice contrast to what many artists are offering here. The next one “Ekanta” feels like it could have been featured on Game of Thrones – somehow – the vocal melodies – the overall environment gives a sense of longing. Each layer builds up one by one from the keys to the vocal oohs to the bass and drums, it is a slow crescendo of peaceful soundscapes and the vocal work from Shréa is impressive – perfectly in vein. Featuring Binamra Bhusal from Kalpanik Bhraman on vocal duties, “Ekohoro” almost has a Plini-ish outro in the most original sense and the digital percussion aptly fits the ambience of the song. The bass leaves and fills as per the need of it and the outro is a delight for any guitar enthusiast in town. Kudos! “Home” comes in next and is a 6-minute reverie with Sunny himself on the vocals as he channels his inner Wilson. A slow uke and stringed intro with a slow vocal buildup sets the beautiful temper. If there was a season to describe this ditty, then it can be said that this is Autumn giving way to Winter. It is a peaceful solemn tune with an epic guitar solo outro and it can be safely said that Sunny has a unique sound in our music scene where progressive acts are becoming rare. Melancholia is always imminent in Sunny’s compositions and “All You Need” starts off as this ambient electro elegy with interesting vocal layering and a soothing tone. The acoustic section in the middle is also gorgeous on its own and it feels like the artist trying to find a new sound amidst all of the soundscapes that he adores. An easy listen and a peaceful release. The final chapter “Man From The Sky” is the brightest track on this reord. The delay laden intro and “noodling” around – ahem – is commendable and soothing and is the most alternative sounding on this one. The final quarter is a gem of an outro. We do wish that he will start singing more openly in the future and then the transformation would be complete. From Shrabya till here, this is a beautiful album.

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Sunsun Kasajoo

Sunsun Kasajoo

Aug. 16, 2021


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