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Release Date: July 9, 2021

Artist: Sajjan Raj Vaidya
Duration: 10:39
Lyricist(s): Sajjan Raj Vaidya
Producer(s): Sajjan Raj Vaidya
Record Label: Independent

3 songs – 3 emotions – 3 stories and 3 moods from the audience favorite we know. Parkhaai EP from Sajjan Raj Vaidya feels like a long hard look at the rearview mirror as the wheels roll along with life and you reminisce the skid marks that once were visible. Those of you who have heard him speak with an eye brow raising southern accent from down under makes you appreciate the clean delivery of Nepali when he sings even more. The EP starts off with the title track “Parkhaai” which is a soft synthy brooding tune about the wait and the lament and acceptance that follows for someone. The electronic elements, subtle flute lines and vocal harmonies on this one sounds fresh and updated. The production is crisp and his melody sense over it is commendable. The 80s synth at the end only adds to the wide ambience of this track. “Sukumbaasi” comes in next with a lo-fi vibe, mood pads, key melodies and ambient synths. The vocal pockets he has chosen on this one makes this sound full and ambient. “Paaila le birseko Chadera hideko..Samjhana dhari na bokera mann ma..Ghar bhaneko hudo rahena chha…thegaana anek pugdo rahena chha…Sukumbaasi jindagi ma yo” – A self-reflective ditty this one. The electronic elements are well planned in this EP. “Ultaa Paailaa” comes in next as the final track and feels like a Fray tune as it feels instantly nostalgic “Kehi ber ma paraaya hunenai ho..tyetin jel samaai rakha…nabola jhuta kura baru kei nabhana …bichodida ultaa pailaa chalnu naroikana” – Audio samples of an old school camera taking photos turned into a percussive element, the closing tune feels like a coming of age movie coming to a heartwarming yet wrenching end. An elegant release from a darling figure of our indie scene who is trying to branch out further more musically.

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