Sullen Days

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Sullen Days

Release Date: July 9, 2021

Artist: Phosphenes
Duration: 1:00:07
Lyricist(s): Prajwal Aryal, Abhishekh Pokhrel, Rato Bee
Producer(s): Phosphenes, Diwas Gurung
Record Label: Independent

The indie darlings Phosphenes are here with their full length LP and it feels like a melancholic soundtrack to the weird days we’re having as of today. “Sullen and bored the kids stay and in this way I wish away each day”. Many of us might have heard the usage of the word ‘sullen’ in that PT song. Well here is the outfit with “Sullen Days” consisting of 14 moods and melodies infused in folk, indie, synth pop, dream pop and a pinch of alternative at times. A ring of light you sense in your eyes as the music applies pressure on your moods maybe. The songs are mostly laid back and makes you feel like a connoisseur of melody as you sip on it and drift away into a dreamy setting. The LP starts with a curve ball “Yastai Nai Hola” – Yes!! Phosphenes In Nepali!! The song is synthy and brisk from the get go. Tears for fears? Spandau Ballet? Cigarettes After Sex? All of the common grounds we tend to look for while listening to new music – the language selection gives it a unique identity of its own. “Well I Saw You” feels like a trip down memory lane if that lane is set in a 70s Hollywood hillstation drive scene with scarves and top down convertibles and sunglasses big enough to hide what their hearts held as a secret. A smooth track with a sweet-sweet bassline and lovely vocal harmonies. “Eklai Huda Ta Jhan” and the starts makes your feel like you’re about to get a Radio Nepal classic – the kind of song that plays after two bottles of Ruslan Vodka at an Engineering college hostel and the guys get a bit emotional and nostalgic. Scene! A subtle tune this one blending lofi and dream pop. This album is about longing and a time capsule for self-reflection on thoughts that were there but you needed to slow down to embrace them completely. “Bombay” comes in next as gliding as it can be with each layer of music slowly passing on top of each other and this would’ve been a lovely addition to the OST of “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind”. The tremolo laden outro is gorgeous. “Hey!” feels like a chill day in Hawaii even though we’ve never been there. “Why don’t you see the brighter side of your life for once?”. A lovely organ based air with a sweet vocal harmony and a bossanova bassline. With Diwas Gurung and Rohit Shakya sharing production and mix/ master duties on the LP, the sound is polished, cohesive and properly dynamic. The album sounds retro and modern at the same time pertaining to this as “Night” starts playing. Two voices living in our heads talking to each other – Will you remember me in your laughter - Will you remember me when you suffer? The trip hopp-ish outro on this one is delish! Lucky number seven is “I Got Flowers” a blue infused tune as we agree that we all hate goodbyes before breaking into a million pieces spreading in every direction through lé big 80s arena drums and samples on the chorus. The dynamics on this track is beautiful. “Fall” continues with the dreamy setting and the sense of departure and the synth and keyboards on this one is lovely. “Lost At Sea” plays it right with the SOS and wave samples giving way to a driving acoustic hook. Here we need to point out that the female vocal harmonies are lovely on this LP through and through. The tambourine laden sections turn this into an elegant ditty. A playful refrain comes in next in the form of “Are You Gonna Leave Me?” and feels like a pristine segue or a seamless interlude between the sea and the river. An upbeat track – a nice change of pace as “River” feels anthemic and the most alternative sounding track on the record. A lovely blend of everything heard till now with a punchier outlook of things. “Oh Love” comes in next and almost feels like a closing song to maybe “Tripling” by TVF – a smooth and chill outro – would you love me for who I am – the key switch in the final quarter is a charming addition. The second last track “Cotton Clouds” explores more of the glum splendor of a mood that has been set and the guitar work is fragrant as the song feels like a slow drive in the Palpa-Pokhara highway. The LP ends with the title track “Sullen Days” and with what 2020/21 has handed in the form of lockdown and social distancing – is a suitable anthem that builds up into a grand affair. Divided into three sections the song feels like – reflection, motivation and acceptance defined respectively in that order. All in all, if you love lulling songs with laid back vocal tones and well planned choral harmonies – graceful basslines – breezy synth and keys accompanied by indie drums and percussions – Look no further as “Sullen Days” is here.

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